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Cape Town Based

We are Fast Moving Consumable Goods Traders based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our company started trading in 2013. We are wholesalers and distributors all types of food.

We Wholesale and Distribute The Best Meat/Protein Products Available in the Market.

The same is said for our Hormone free, Pasture Reared Beef, all cuts are available, to the Catering Trade. Buying direct makes our pricing competitive with grain fed beef but with loads more flavour, and healthier for you.

Our local Pork is deboned, boxed, frozen and distributed throughout RSA. The same is said for our Hormone free, Pasture Reared Beef, all cuts are available. Our pricing being competitive with grain fed beef but with loads more flavour.

In line with our drive for consistently superior quality, our factory, has state of the art de-boning facilities, with a maximum capacity of 400 hinds per shift.

The factory also practices HACCP (Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points) procedures. This ensures that the highest hygiene standards are utilised in the production of our meat. Furthermore, the company has received ZA certification from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as an approved exporter of beef products. We pride ourselves on outstanding quality offered at highly competitive prices!

Fish Anyone? It’s A Fishy Business

We have our own brand of tinned pilchards called Prime Ocean and supply all the major retail stores nationally with their own house brand pilchards. This product is available in 400g for export.

We Do Good

We are a supplier of the mining industry in Africa with their food needs, by the container load.

Up & Coming

We are currently in the process of developing our own brand of top-quality exciting foods, for example our precooked and marinated pork ribs.

Our Promise To You

We continue to evolve to stay abreast with the current trends and customer needs. We have been in the food service industry for decades, and have the knowledge and contacts, to source any products you may require, nationally or internationally.” IF WE CANT SOURCE IT, IT DOESN’T EXIST”.

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Food Temperatures

Have a look at these steak temps:
46-49 'C
52-55 'C
55-60 'C
Medium Rare
60-65 'C
65-69 'C
Medium Well
71-100 'C
Well Done

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